Let’s be empathetic listeners to all our fellow citizens, not just those we agree with

| 08 Sep 2021 | 04:47

    To the Editor:

    Responding to Fred Cron and Mikscole Kiasoul letters in last week’s paper, as I watch news anchors try to explain to me the confused words of my elected officials, “Follow the science! Masks don’t work, don’t bother with them! Masks do work, think of others! There is no Al Qaeda in Afghanistan! No Americans are being stopped from getting into Kabul airport! We planned for every contingency! We didn’t think Kabul would fall this fast, etc., etc.” We all need to step back and begin listening to each other.

    I agree with Ms. Kiasoul, we need to act empathetically towards each other. Empathy begins with listening and hearing what each other is saying, instead of accusing others of being “selfish, racist, extremist.”

    These vaccines are experimental. M-RNA is a new scientific technology. We have no history of the side effects since they are happening as we speak. There is no “settled science” about their safety. None. All for a disease which kills less than 1 percent of those who get infected.

    Mr. Cron asks, “Can we trust a government that wants to sell our descendants into debt?”

    Ms. Kiasoul speaks in a very non empathetic way about those who choose not to be vaxed and wonders if they “will ever find their way back to reality, ” and accuses them of “(not thinking) about someone other than themselves for just a second. Just one flippin’ second.”

    What about people who already had Covid and have natural immunity? Our government is sending a message that natural immunity is not as good as what the vax gives. That viewpoint is not supported by the science!

    Let’s be empathetic listeners to all our fellow citizens, not just those we agree with. There is a reason people are having trouble trusting our government. We should be thinking about why that is and what we can do about it.

    Regis Hanna