I suggest using sources other than Fox News

Sparta /
21 Jul 2020 | 11:10

    To the Editor:

    I am writing in response David Togno’s “You don’t know the faintest idea of what patriotism means.”

    Mr. Togno, I must give you credit for a fairly well written opinion piece. Unfortunately, if you are going to attempt to formulate an argument, I suggest using sources other than Fox News because Fox News listeners such as yourself are always terribly misinformed.

    I am unsure what Mr. Trump’s accomplishments are regarding the economy. It’s unfortunate that Mr. Obama inherited an economy that was hemorrhaging jobs, almost as dire a situation as Americans now face thanks to Mr. Trump’s inept response to the pandemic. It was Mr. Obama that had to deal with unemployment rates near double digits at the start of his term and unfortunately for your argument, he was able to nearly cut the rate in half during his tenure. Furthermore, over the past three years, job growth has slowed as compared to the last three years of Obama’s term. These, Mr. Togno, are facts. I challenge you to look them up, but I beg you to please not use Fox as your source. I hope that you actually will learn something that is real and not taken out of context. The trade deal did not go into effect until very recently so surely that has no impact and lastly, it is indisputable that Mr. Trump’s handling of the coronavirus has put this country on the brink of a depression.

    Why do make the points about JFK and the Clintons? Are any of them our president? You are defending Mr. Trump, using baggage from candidates from the past. I ask you these questions. Why has Mr. Trump not released all documents from his abuse of power impeachment? Why were witnesses not allowed at the trial? Why can we not see his tax documents as promised in 2016? You pathetically call on Mr. Klumpp to “respect the office”, but unfortunately the Mr. Trump is the one that does not respect the office of the president.

    I truly believe if you stopped watching Fox that you would sound somewhat informed and your arguments would be credible. I am not sure what makes you a patriot. If you served our country during a war then I am grateful for your service and you are indeed a patriot. If you are a typical Trump Zombie as you appear to be then please inform yourself of the facts. College dropouts such as Sean Hannity would never inform you that Trump’s irresponsible behavior and policy have cost our country tens of thousands of lives during the past six months. Supporting someone that tells Americans to drink bleach to combat a virus or states frequently that the virus will just vanish is irresponsible and reckless behavior that a true patriot would never do.

    Alfred Streicher

    Sparta, N.J.