Glad to see the return of letter writer John Klumpp

Sparta /
21 Jul 2020 | 11:23

    To the Editor:

    At the conclusion of my last letter to you I indicated to the never Trumpers that it was their turn. Wow, two charter members of the Sparta Society of Anti-Trumpers responded.

    One of those was John Klumpp who, thanks to my letter, came out of hiding. He indicated that he had not been writing since the impeachment failed. He was probably depressed.This John, unlike the other letter writer, is a pleasure to talk to. We’ve had discussions in the past and he, unlike the other, is willing to share ideas, listen to other viewpoints, and consistently reject them.

    So my letter had one good result: John Klumpp is back in the business of writing letters. I can’t say he was missed, but in a sense he was. In keeping with his willingness to discuss issues and consider other viewpoints he has invited me to the Bagel Bistro for a conversation. So if your readers in the near future see two old guys on the new Bagel Bistro benches under an umbrella, don’t be surprised.

    I like discussing the issues with John and hopefully at the conclusion of our planned meeting we can go to Stop and Shop, buy Goya, and then plant on John’s lawn a sign declaring “Klumpp for Trump.” I’ve had more difficult cases.

    George T. Daggett

    Sparta, N.J.