Dueling campaign events demonstrate the Trumpification of Pike’s long-dominant GOP

30 Sep 2020 | 10:05

    To the Editor:

    The dueling campaign events in Milford on Friday, Sept. 18, demonstrated the Trumpification of the long-dominant Republican Party constituency in Pike County.

    Several dozen pro-Biden demonstrators displayed a variety of substantive signs like: 200,000 Covid deaths, save the U.S. Postal Service, protect health insurance, fully fund Social Security.

    Many Trump supporters lowered their windows and shouted comments. In two hours, I didn’t hear a single comment about the crucial policy issues, only insults like “Biden’s a pedophile,” “Biden’s a sniffer – sniff sniff sniff.” To the young woman next to me holding a “Black Lives Matter” sign: “I can’t hear you through your mask but don’t take it off, I don’t want to see how ugly you are.”

    Forty years ago, I sat in the office of the President of the First National Bank of Pike County, viewing a room filled with elephant statues, emblematic of the Republican Party dominance in all aspects of Pike County’s political and economic life. It hasn’t been a concern to be a political minority opposite an honorable political party. Many prominent Republicans have recognized the threat the Trumpification of their party poses to our republican form of government. I hope there are local Republicans who concur.

    Arthur R. Block