Creativity makes American towns great

Vernon /
03 Jul 2020 | 09:43

    To the Editor:

    Creation: the OG of all activities. How it all began, and interestingly, the birthright of every living creature is to create.

    As humans, we create a life which includes an income, a home, our relationships, and an appreciation for the creations around us, whether that be nature or the creations of our fellow human beings. In this time of great division amongst peoples of different races, religions and political affiliations, creation is the very thing that unites us all.

    Creating is the human experience. Everyone who reads this is a creator: The gardener, the cook, the construction worker, the engineer, the financier, the painter, the potter, the parent. They are each creating -- and when we stop creating, we are done on this earth.

    Let’s nurture safe environments where children, seniors and people of all ages can create together. Art schools are such places. You don’t have to go into New York City to study dance, play music, learn to knit, sew or make pottery. Decent towns all over America are home to gifted creators who share their talents and love of their craft. They make America create, and our creativity is what makes us great.

    DeBorah Goletz

    Owner of For Love Of Mud Pottery