Little League opens season

29 Apr 2019 | 04:08

    Wallkill Valley softball and baseball celebrated their 2019 Opening Day on April 27, at Franklin Pond.
    As part of the festivities, softball and baseball players and coaches lined up and marched around the baseball field carrying team banners.
    New Jersey Sen. Steve Oroho gave a speech remembering how his own five children had played either softball or baseball on that same field. He wished the players good luck and to have a great time.
    Then, reminding parents, Oroho said, “Enjoy this time, because it goes real fast. Make all the memories great memories.” Finally, he thanked all the coaches and volunteers, “Because without you, this would not happen — and for another opening day — play ball!”
    Little League player, Gio, threw the ceremonial first pitch, to cheers of, “Gio, Gio, Gio!”
    Barbecue wafted in the air as volunteers cooked cheeseburgers and hot-dogs for all the players and families.
    Softball Coach Salena Abbott served freshly grilled hot-dogs.
    Little League Player Sullivan Sheldon, also Mr. Hardyston, waited patiently for his hot dog. His father, Leonard, said his son wanted to be the future Mayor of Hardyston.
    Some of the many other volunteers making the day and season possible included the Wallkill Valley Recreation Softball League board members Karen and Joe Roccisano and Jennifer Davis. They said they had overseen organizing the day, with the help of baseball.
    The smell of fresh cut grass and white paint outlined the baseball field, thanks to Field Manager Michael Restel and other volunteers.
    Baseball, Football, and Basketball Fundraising Coordinator Renee Krukovsky and Treasurer and Coach Michael Nardini could be seen covering the concession stand of candy.
    Nardini commented it was a full day of baseball and softball for families to get together and have fun.
    Another voice chimed in while he was speaking, “It’s America’s pastime.”
    The President of the Wallkill Valley Little League, Brian Connolly, later said he was just glad everyone was having fun, and everybody had worked hard for the day.
    Later in the afternoon, the 2019 Season began with four baseball games and two softball games.