Crossroads basketball camp comes to area

17 Jul 2015 | 12:33

The Crossroads Basketball Camp conducted training drills for elementary school age boys on Monday, July 13, at Lafayette Township School.

The camp is helmed by former basketball player and high school coach Cornell Thomas.

Crossroads is in it's 10th year of operation. Thomas is a former men's basketball coach at Sussex County Community College in Newton. Thomas is an assistant basketball coach at Blair Academy in Blairstown.

Several different programs are held during the course of the summer at Crossroads Basketball Camp.

Each program is customized to cater to gender and age. Boys have a separate day from girls to train. But they can mix during clinic time on a Sunday at a different location in Sussex County. Athletes from elementary to high school age can participate to learn basketball basics and more.

Thomas grew up in Morris County and graduated at Morris Hills High School in Rockaway, New Jersey. He did not begin playing basketball until his junior year. He was inspired to try out for the high school team by a relative who was a star player in Virginia. He saw newspaper clippings of his cousin and decided to begin playing.

— Photos by George Leroy Hunter