Hamburg officer injured during arrest

Hamburg. Herman and Veronica Flood of Sussex were charged and sent to Newton Medical Center for evaluation after drunken altercation that injured an officer.

21 Oct 2019 | 03:57

A Hamburg police officer underwent medical treatment after a Sussex woman allegedly spit in his face, kicked and punched him during a drunken altercation between a brother and sister in the parking lot of 78 Route 23 in Hamburg on Wednesday, Oct. 16.

Herman Flood and his sister, Veronica Flood, were both charged with disorderly conduct, aggravated assault on law enforcement, and resisting arrest.

Sgt. Jason Tangorra and Patrolman Christopher Kellenbach responded to the parking lot on report of a male and female fighting in the lot over possible controlled dangerous substance. While speaking to the parties and checking their credentials, police said the driver, Herman Flood of Sussex, began strangling the rear seat passenger who was his sister’s boyfriend. After officers were able to break apart the parties, police said Herman Flood turned on officers by pushing them and attempting to strike them. Flood refused to be placed under arrest and continued to fight with officers. After Officer’s were able to gain control of him, the front passenger, who policie identified as his sister Veronica Flood, began acting disorderly and using profanity towards the officers and her brother. Police said she was highly intoxicated and stated to Officers that she had her children locked in the trunk of the vehicle. Officers tried to calm Veronica Flood and check the vehicle for the children when she began to attack the officers by punching, kicking, scratching and spit in the officer’s face. Both Herman and Veronica Flood were taken into custody and eventually transported to Newton Medical Center for a mental health evaluation.

Officers had to ride along in the ambulance dueto their out of control state. It was later found the children were safe at another residence, and never in the vehicle.