CERT volunteers practice injury assessment

Public Safety. Andover CERT recently held training classes to help volunteers best assess victims of life-threatening injuries.

20 Nov 2019 | 03:32

Bleeding, shock and failure to breathe were the three main life-threatening dangers the Andover CERT team checked for during the recent Triage Drill. The team has been studying and practicing for the past few months at the monthly meetings, and they were excited to implement what they have learned, in a simulated disaster at the November meeting.

Several scenarios were presented and the team broke up into survivors, note-takers and those who would perform the triage. They were given 30 seconds to assess and tag each survivor for life-threatening injuries. This enables the subsequent EMS team to quickly identify who is most in need of medical attention. The team struggled to complete the assessment within the 30 second time-frame at first, but they improved by the third scenario.

Thirty seconds is all they are trained to take with each survivor, so as to move quickly through a disaster, saving lives when possible and tagging each person for EMS. The team members very much want to repeat this exercise at a future meeting, to be sure they can perform their duties confidently, without hesitation. There are 29 Andover CERT members, and combined they have given over 800 hours of their time to CERT since the team’s inception in late February of this year.