Jared Morgan and other musician-soldiers play for us during shutdown

Vernon. The Vernon graduate and French horn player performs with the Army Field Band in live-streamed and archived concerts.

27 Apr 2020 | 02:01

When Jared Morgan was a student at Vernon Township High School, music filled his life. He played the French horn in the school band and the school’s orchestra.

“He discovered his niche in life and continues to fill his life with music,” said Jared’s proud mom, Jayne Morgan of Vernon.

The younger Morgan joined the Army National Guard in 1997 as a high school junior. He played the French horn in the New Jersey Army National Guard’s 63rd Army Band for 12 years, and earned his bachelor's degree in broadcasting from Montclair State University. His civilian career included working as an editor of CBS Sports Network and Major League Baseball Network, where he won an Emmy in the Outstanding Studio Show category. In 2010, Sgt. Morgan joined the Army Field Band and from there began his creative technical side of the music business and visual media.

The motto of the United States Army Field Band is “We Stand Ready,” and with the current COVID-19 crisis, the band provides entertainment as well as a connection with the people of America.

As we seek uplifting distractions during self-quarantine, the musical ambassadors of the Army are offering band programs. The programs streamed from March 20 through April 2. All virtual concerts can be viewed on Facebook and YouTube. The archived streams include "The Greatest Generation," which features Big Band classics of World War II as well as images and videos of the conflict with quotes by Presidents Roosevelt, Truman and Eisenhower. Other concerts include "America the Beautiful," "American Road Trip," "GI Jazz," and "From Rosie to Rangers," a tribute to women in the service and Hooahcappella.

For a complete concert schedule and more information visit, armyfieldband.com.