Franklin signs Highlands petition

Franklin. The Common council approves signing of the Highlands Petition, but reserves the right to not refund grant money if the borough cancels.

15 Nov 2019 | 02:39

The Franklin Borough Common Council approved the motion to sign the Highlands Petition, with the stipulation that if they cancel at any point, they will not have to refund any grant monies that went toward studies.

Borough Attorney John Ursin explained that signing the petition opens the door for grant monies to study things like a “water conservation study, public housing studies, a zinc property study, but does not mean you need to move forward.”

Ursin added that they are a “good distance away from the time they would need to pass an ordinance stating conformance to the Highlands Act.”

Councilman Stephan Zydon Jr. led the effort to make sure “No left-hand turn” signs, wordings and corresponding ordinances were in alignment for “No left-hand turn” from Northbound Route 23 to Rutherford Ave and Northbound Route 23 to Walsh Rd.

Administrator Alison Littell McHose added that there is additional work being done with the DOT to have a “No turn on Red” from the Walmart traffic light onto Northbound Route 23 during the hours of 7 a.m.-9 a.m. and between 2-4 p.m.

Littell McHose also indicated that there is work being done to have audible signals from Washington Avenue toward McDonald's and Washington Avenue toward Walgreen's as well as studies to gauge if there is room near ShopRite to make a right hand turn lane since drivers are currently using the shoulder before turning.

Councilman Joseph Limon conveyed that there was a $7,500 profit from the 2019 fall carnival and reminded residents of the Nov. 30 Tree Lighting ceremony at Franklin Pond.