Franklin, Forward Alliance to partner to fix softball fieldd

Jan 10 2019 | 02:59 AM

The Forward Franklin Alliance is moving closer to releasing grant money for clay replacement on the girls' softball field at Frankin Pond, Councilman John Postas said, and members of the Borough Council voted to allow Administrator Alison Littell-McHoseto draft a letter to the alliance indicating the Dept. of Public works will help in grading or drainage issues.
“The Baseball field look good," Postas said. "We need to do this for our Softball Field.”
The Temporary Zoning Officer proposed shared service agreement between Franklin and Hamburg continued to be a topic of conversation and concern for the council. Not knowing how many hours and the true needs Hamburg would have seemed to plague the Council. Ultimately, Council proposed, however, that their Zoning Officer would work 5 hours per week with an additional hourly billing rate after the 5 hours, for 60 days starting Jan. 15 and ending March 15. This temporary period would allow the council to gather data to decide whether a longer-term agreement with Hamburg would be mutually beneficial.
Council members also showed beginning a process with the Highlands Council they could not back out of or that a study funds would need to be returned.
Borough Attorney John Ursin was not aware of any town being asked to return funds that were used for a study if the town did not enter into final agreement. Ursin said this resolution means the borough can “Explore what is available, exploration only and you can stop at any time.“
Borough Attorney Ursin also added,
“All major permits go through Trenton." Ursin said. "With Highlands, you would work through them for major permits and might have a better relationship with them as they are in Chester. As Route 23 continues to grow with secondary lots next to the major chain stores, this is something to think about.” Resolution No. 2019-14 passed.
Council also approved under separate resolution to retain a consulting planner for the Highlands Plan Conformance Process, with the understanding as written in the resolution that the “vast majority of the costs of the retaining consultant will be covered by the Highlands Council Grants.”