DeBoer's Auto to stay open

Hamburg. DeBoer's Auto sto stay open despite COVID-19 outbreak, but will take special precautions to protect staff and customers, such as a free complimentary concierge service.

16 Mar 2020 | 04:20

    DeBoers Auto will remain open and continue to service vehicles despite the COVID-19 outbreak.

    They intend to remain open for business, but are taking special precautions to keep staff and customers safe.

    Staff will:

    1. Wipe wheels and keys with disinfecting wipes.

    2. Staff is cleaning our facility often and thoroughly, and there is hand sanitizer for customers at every welcome desk and each employee work station.

    3. They are promoting the use of an after hours pickup and drop-off system, using the overnight drop box located to the right of the front door. Simply fill out an envelope, seal your key inside, and leave it in the large drop box. Business can be conducted over the phone or by text message. When your vehicle is ready for pick up, staff will text a unique code to access your keys from one of the small lock boxes.

    4. They also are implementing a concierge lift service. They'll bring a loaner so customers don't h ave to leave work or home. They will wipe steering wheels and keys. The service is complimentary.

    For more information, call 973-827-4047 or