Christmas Tree Farm spotlights Newfoundlands

Augusta. Country Heritage Christmas Tree farm invited Newfoundland dogs and their owners to participate in carrying customers' trees back from the field for the annual Newfie Pull.

02 Dec 2019 | 12:59

Securing the family Christmas tree is always a memory maker and photo opportunity. Hopefully, all good, unlike the Griswold family memories of National Lampoon Christmas Vacation fame.

Country Heritage Christmas Tree Farm, a 30-acre farm in Augusta is adamant in celebrating the holiday and forging great family memories. For the sixth Christmas season, farm owners Barry and Virginia Gebauer invited Newfoundland dogs and their owners to participate in cart carrying customers’ trees back from the fields. Held at the farm on Saturday, Nov. 30, the Newfies were happily busy transporting folks’ trees while adults and children expressed canine adoration.

The Newfie Pull began in 2013 as Amy and Dave Supko of the New Pen Del Newfoundland Club teamed with the Gebauers of Country Heritage to host the annual pull.

Saturday’s event was buzzing all day, keeping the amazingly fluffy giant dogs pulling carts and family Christmas trees with gusto. The dogs pulled Tree Cozy Carts constructed by Dave Supko. These carts cradle the tree and keep the balance for the dogs. The dogs can be black, brown and combinations of black, brown and white. A working dog, Newfies originated in Newfoundland, Canada, helping fishermen pull nets and also pulling lumber on carts out of forests. Besides, their large size, Newfoundlands are known for their calm, gentle demeanor, especially with children.

Christmas trees began as a tradition back in the 16th century in Strasbourg, Germany. German settlers first brought Christmas trees to America around the time of the Revolutionary War.

Referring to Newfie Day, farm owner Virginia Gebauer beamed, “The kids love it, the dogs love it. It’s just a joy seeing it and making a family memory.”