Census looking for workers

Franklin. Marvin J. Joss of the Census made a presentation to the Franklin Borough Council stressing the imporantance of the U.S. Census.

15 Nov 2019 | 02:17

    Census 2020 is looking for people to help with census completion.

    Census 2020 information was presented by Marvin J. Joss Tuesday night at the Franklin Borough Council meeting. Joss explained the importance of collecting data and addressed privacy concerns. Joss said,

    “The data collected is confidential and statistical only," Joss said. "More data is collected when you pay bills or order food online.”

    Joss explained that “we all need to be counted” because every person counted goes toward making sure New Jersey gets the appropriate number of representatives in Congress and correct federal funding can be made available.

    There will be four ways to complete the census: online, phone, paper, or a visit from a census employee. Mailings will go out in March and April but the expectation is that local people will be needed to knock on doors and collect information from those that did not self-respond starting some time end of April.

    Job applicants must be US citizens, 18 years or older, and pass a federal background check. For job information go to 2020census.gov/jobs.