Ogdensburg introduces 2020 budget

Ogdensburg. In a meeting conducted by conference call due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Ogdensburg Borough Council introduced the 2020 municipal budget. A public hearing is scheduled for April 27. The budget calls for a $2.3 million tax levy.

25 Mar 2020 | 11:06

The Ogdensburgh Borough council unanimously introduced the 2020 Municipal Budget, with a tax levy of $2,296,846 on Monday.

The Public hearing is scheduled for April 27.

In light of COVID-19, most of the council conducted the meeting via conference call.

Chief Financial Officer Mike Marceau said there will be an average tax increase of $52 per household or a 2.05 percent increase.

The 2020 average assessed home value is $220,798, with an average tax bill of $2,608.

Other business

The council unanimously amended the borough salary ordinance. They also unanimously introduced an ordinance to establish a Cap Bank. Public hearing will be April 13.

Additionally, the council unanimously approved a resolution to use a three-year average collection rate for the 2020 budget reserve for uncollected taxes.

Finally, they unanimously approved the resolution authorizing participation in the self-examination program of the Municipal Budget for the 2020 budget year.

Council President Michael Nardini said Hardyston Township will complete street sweeping at the same cost as Sparta previously did. He added Sparta did not want to continue street sweeping for Ogdensburg.

Depending on the weather, Nardini concluded, street sweeping will wait until the beginning of April in order to remove much of the stone from the streets.

2020 Budget
Tax Levy: $2.3 million
Average home value: $220,798
Average tax increase: $52.