Elite offers free car sanitation for first responders and health care workers

Byram. The local shop is also offering this service, specialized ozone treatment that kills all mold spores and bacteria, at a hefty discount to all customers.

Byram /
30 Mar 2020 | 12:23

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Elite Automotive in Byram, N.J., rolled out special offers on ventilation system sanitation.

“We are doing this as a community service, helping out how we can,” says Elite Automotive manager Sue Hergert.

As a thank you to those facing the crisis head-on, the deal is 100 percent free for medical professionals and first responders.

The service features full sanitation of the car’s ventilation system using a specialized ozone treatment that kills all mold spores and bacteria while eliminating odor. This extensive disinfecting process, which takes about two hours, ensures clean air is being circulated throughout the vehicle.

Elite Automotive’s pros will also check the vehicle's cabin air filters. The only potential cost associated with this service would be a new filter — and only if it ends up needing to be replaced.

This package is available for everyone else at a minimal cost.

“We will be offering the same service to all other customers at a nominal fee,” said Hergert. “No profit will be made.”

Essential information:
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