Whacky characters abound in Kittatinny Players’ ‘Alice in Wonderland’

Newton. From the Queen of Hearts to the Mad Hatter, every role was perfectly cast.

| 08 Nov 2021 | 04:54

A delighted audience followed Alice down the rabbit hole, where she encountered a myriad of interesting characters.

Colin Webb, the Cheshire Cat in this Kittatinny Players production, befriended Alice throughout her journey. Katie Williver gave a perfect performance as Alice.

Mr. Chiariello added his famous “Chiariello touch” to this production by adding “Inner” Alice, played by Megan Hurley. She did an awesome job of showing us what really was going on in Alice’s head.

Lillian Tomlinson was the perfect caterpillar. She also had a second role as the executioner for the Queen of Hearts.

Next we met Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee and their funny antics. Aiden Bello and Kora Garcia were well cast in these comedic roles.

Suddenly, we find ourselves at the Mad Hatter’s tea party with the March Hare (Camryn Ricard) and the Dormouse (Sofia Bodnar). Sarah Inglima was so much fun to watch as the Hatter who drives Alice absolutely mad.

The Queen of Hearts (Marley Balkau) and the King of Hearts (Clayton Doyle) played a game of croquet as only the characters of Wonderland would!

I could go on and on about all the wonderful performances and crazy cast of characters. This play was really well cast with a lot of talent. Thank you to Mr. Chiariello and Mr. Tryde for guiding the students in another terrific Kittatinny Players production. I had a wonderful time!

If you missed this play, keep your eyes posted for the March musical. You don’t want to miss it.