10 hangover remedies

| 26 Dec 2012 | 04:22

The room is spinning, head is pounding, stomach is queasy and soon you may find yourself huddled by the porcelain throne. New Year's Eve calls for a lot of celebration most likely with alcohol, sometimes too much — leaving your body reeling and looking for some relief.

"The only true prevention is not drinking (alcoholic beverages)," says Dr. Sabrina Lombardi, Clinical Nutrition Coordinator with Food Nutrition Services at Newton Medical Center in Newton, N.J.

"Volunteer to be the designated driver, or just keep your glass full of water, juice or seltzer," said Fran Sussman, Holisitc Practitioner at Fran Sussman Holisitc Services in Chester, N.Y. "You can still have a great time, and other party-goers will be too focused on their own fun to know or care."

Aside from sticking with nonalcoholic drinks this New Year's Eve, Lombardi and Sussman recommends drinking water between each alcoholic beverage, eating a meal before you go out or eating while drinking and of course drinking in moderation.

"Eat first," says Sussman. "Have some protein and healthy fat in your system before you start to drink, even if it means eating before you head out to your event."

But if you have found you have had one too many marguerites — never drink and drive — and try some of these remedies.


Water is the key to re hydrating your body especially in between drinks. "Drink two glasses of water for each glass of alcohol," says Sussman. "You will pace yourself, and avoid dehydration, which is responsible for many of the symptoms of a hangover." Drinking water before going to sleep can also help reduce symptoms of a hangover. "Drink a big glass of water before going to sleep," Sussman added. "And keep a glass by your bedside too, in case you wake up thirsty but don't feel up to getting a drink."

Sports Drinks

Drinking these types of drinks, such as Gatorade or Powerade are a good way to replenish fluids and they have plenty of electrolytes to boot. "Anything that has electrolytes will help," said Lombardi. Sussman disagrees and recommends vitamins instead of a sports drink. "Instead, try an unsweetened electrolyte formula, or packets of EmergenC, which combines Vit C, Vit B and minerals, including potassium," says Sussman.

Greasy Food

Although many people swear by this, there is no scientific proof that eating greasy food will help. Lombardi notes that eating greasy food may actually upset your stomach further if you are already feeling queasy. She and Sussman recommend something with protein to help. "Eat breakfast within an hour of waking, and make sure you have protein and complex carbs to redeem your low blood sugar, and help keep it stable as you recover," Sussman said.


There is a bit of disagreement over coffee. Some say it helps, some say the caffeine will make you crash harder. "The caffeine may help, but its best to stick with water," Lombardi said.

Hangover Pills

Hangover Helper sold at Rise-N-Shine in Sparta, claims to prevent and reverse hangovers. "Most supplements are not FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approved, so I would suggest using caution," Lombardi said.

Ginger Root

"Ginger does help with nausea, so ginger tea might help," Lombardi said.


This fruit contains a good amount of potassium to help with a hangover.

Coconut water

Containing the same electrolytes as a sports drink and along with several others, coconut water helps with re hydration and is also packed with potassium.


Soup does the body good? Lombardi says chicken noodle soup, chicken broth, tomato juice or even tomato soup contain electrolytes to aid in hangover symptoms.


Alcohol can put you to sleep quickly, but the quality will be poor. Time is the only sure way of curing a hangover and sleeping longer will give your body time to heal itself.