How are gas tax dollars benefitting us?

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In the article: "Area receives DOT funding", Advertiser-News April 11-17, 2019, Senator Oroho and Assemblymen Space and Wirths would have us believe that Oroho's "robust infusion" of our gas tax dollars is actually financially benefiting us.

I noted that there was no mention of any time frame for this alleged funding or for the "$16 million" and the "$130 million" mentioned in the last paragraph.

My biggest concern is that the article totally fails to mention how many millions of dollars us residents of the 24th District have been forced to pay to the state because of Oroho's obscene increase in the gas tax.

Before I was laid off, I commuted between 50 and about 75 miles each way to work. Plus for shopping the A&P was about a 20-mile, and the ShopRite in Newton about a 45-mile, round trip. Based on this, we formerly drove between about 26,000 and 38,000 miles a year; therefore I drove a small pickup that may have averaged about 25 miles per gallon. Not a gas-guzzler. Of course, if you have commuted on Routes 23, 80 or 206, it can become 0 miles per gallon.

Therefore, if I had been paying Oroho's present exorbitant 41.4 cents per gallon gas tax, I would have been paying between about $430 and $630 per year in gas tax.

Oroho is supposedly a financial consultant, would he recommend that his clients invest between $430 and $630 to possibly get $50 back? I would hope not! But then, why has he forced us to do it?

Obviously, the purpose of Oroho's obscene increase in the gas tax was to force us, the residents in the rural areas with our longer commutes, to subsidize the liberal, progressive, socialist Democrats in the urban areas with their state (that's us) subsidized buses and rail.

Obviously, this put Oroho in good standing with his fellow Democrats and with the various unions, but we are being forced to pay for it.

Thank you.

William H. Gettler

Wantage Township

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